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Q) Why does email verification matter?

A) Because you really want less and better customer data in your systems.

As a B2B or B2C marketer with big goals, you need to focus on the customers and leads that matter. Stop wasting time dealing with the unpleasant consequences (such as hard bounces and reduced delivery rates) of reaching out to dud email boxes. Our data cleansing services help your business focus on creating and maintaining effective communication channels with verified leads and customers that you know actually exist.

Awesome Email Validation for You

Services carefully developed and nurtured by experts with more than 10 years experience in data cleansing.

Why Do Email Verification?

Prevent Dud Emails At The Source

Your customers don't always type in a correct email address, especially from a smaller device such as a phone or tablet. Make sure only valid, working email addresses are allowed through to your customer management systems.

Focus on Your Business Goals

Stop wasting valuable time and resources in dealing with hard bounces and reduced delivery rates in your email campaigns. Focus on verified leads and customers that you know actually exist.

Qualify Interest - Fast

Hot leads for your products or services are more likely to supply valid email addresses on your enquiry forms. Remove the not so serious tyre kickers from entering invalid email addresses and wasting your valuable time.

Can email validation help your business?

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